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Dr. Ellen Kreidman
America's #1 love expert!

For the past 17 years, Dr. Ellen Kreidman has educated, motivated, and inspired thousands of men and women on how to put fun, romance, excitement and communication in their relationships. Through humor and personal experiences, she is able to captivate and relate to any type of audience, the dynamics of building a solid foundation for a more rewarding life. Through her seminars, videos, books and audio cassettes, she has been teaching and communicating her message to men and women of all ages throughout the world. All of her efforts are designed to work together to achieve one ultimate goal: strengthen the fun, love and communication between a man and a woman.

Ellen has personally had a 31 year love affair with her husband and has three children.

The following are her accomplishments:

AUTHOR - "Light His Fire," published in August of 1989, became a New York Times best seller. National television and radio appearances introduced an entire nation to the "Light His Fire" philosophy. The follow up title, "Light Her Fire," published in February 1991, hit #1 on the New York Times best seller list. In 1993, Ellen wrote "Is There Sex After Kids?" Over one million copies of Ellen's books have been sold. Her latest book title is "The 10 Second Kiss"

INFOMERCIALS - A TV commercial was produced by MSI Inc. highlighting the teaching of Ellen's programs. The infomercial has consistently been at the top of the Jordan Whitney Program Rankings since 1996. Over 1 million audio cassette and video programs have been sold throughout the United States and Canada.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Major organizations and corporations such as Pacific Bell and Hewlett-Packard have engaged Ellen as a speaker at their functions. In her lectures she emphasizes the critical role personal relationships have in our day-to-day life. A happier personal life translates into more productivity in the workplace.

SEMINARS - Ellen Kreidman has been conducting regional and national seminars for the past 17 years. Men and women of all ages from across the nation have attended her seminars to hear her lecture on putting fun, romance, and communication back into their relationships.


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