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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and in the world of online dating it has never been more true. For anyone that has been successful in meeting one or more persons online you know what I'm talking about. Blind dates can be more than a little awkward and quite often can be embarrassing when the person you've been waiting to meet with great anticipation after corresponding for a couple of weeks turns out to be nothing like the mental picture you have of them. It is true that people quite often tend to exaggerate when they describe their looks for a personal ad. Although people don't always want to admit it looks are important and there has to be a physical attraction. The use of photos in an ad or for attaching to a response can save a lot of time and embarrassment. True a picture can be deceiving but it sure beats going into the date without a clue. The use of a photo in your ad will increase the number of responses you receive and will increase the odds of you hearing back from someone you are responding to.




To use our scanning service send us your photo, a self-addressed stamped envelope (if you want the photo returned), your e-mail address (clearly typed or printed) and cash, check or money order for $5.95 to the address below. You will receive a jpeg file formatted image via email that can be used when placing your ad or as an attachment to an email when responding to ads.


GMA Associates
21010 Southbank St. S265
Sterling, Virginia 20165

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